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Request - Compatible Router Table

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Hi all!

First time poster here. I was just given my dad's old router and thought the router table my buddy had would work with it, but it does not. Looking for help figuring out what router tables will be compatible with my router. I have a Model 315174921 CRAFTSMAN ROUTER ( Looking to buy a lower-end router table for this to start making some picture frames with. Any help on how I know whether my router will fit the table? Most pictures I find online of the tables don't show the mounting interface itself.

Some potential options are linked below:

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Welcome aboard. As you can see there are many opinions and helpful suggestions. I guess one thing that should be asked is if you have any experience with woodworking in general and more specifically with a router, handheld or table mounted. There are some basic things you should read and know before trying to use the router such as direction of cut, depth of cut per pass, and so on. I know safety information is boring but it can save you a lot of misery and with the money you'll save from ER visits allow you to buy better tools and so on. Just saying, the router spins really, really fast, and the cutters if new or in good shape are very, very sharps. Flesh and bone doesn't resist so much in comparison to wood and wood gets cut fairly easily. Just saying....

If you're just getting started with woodworking get some solid reference material to the type of woodworking you want to do. There should be a ton of material on making picture frames out there. As for a router table, look at how router table tops are made, supported, and you'll see the ones that are most versatile will allow most any router because the router is mounted to a plate if a router lift isn't used. That same idea translates to a homemade table which can be as simple as a flat board with an opening for the cutters and the holes drilled for the router base. Most router bases on a router are made from materials such as high impact plastic or other sturdy slick materials. They are usually held on to the router by 3-4 screws. Removing those screws and transferring that pattern allows you to drill and use longer screws to attach the router to the bottom. As for a fence, as mentioned a very straight 2x6 will work just fine Here's an example****

Keep us posted on your progress and you can always post pictures by dragging them to the area below your message where it says "drag file here to attach"
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