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Request - Compatible Router Table

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Hi all!

First time poster here. I was just given my dad's old router and thought the router table my buddy had would work with it, but it does not. Looking for help figuring out what router tables will be compatible with my router. I have a Model 315174921 CRAFTSMAN ROUTER ( Looking to buy a lower-end router table for this to start making some picture frames with. Any help on how I know whether my router will fit the table? Most pictures I find online of the tables don't show the mounting interface itself.

Some potential options are linked below:

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To mount in a table depends what you want to do. I have two router tables in my shop. My first and most used is a custom built offset table that is 3' wide by 4' long and has an Incra 25" positioner on it. The router is held in with a Rockler FX router lift. The lift is made by Jessum. My second router table is a Rockler table that has the same kind of lift. Both tables have Porter Cable 890 Routers.

Older routers were not friendly when they come to mounting in a router table. Newer routers are made to be adjusted from above a table. So if your router has the capability to be adjusted from the top of the table a simple plate would work. You can get those from Incra, Rrockler, Kreg and so on. If the router is not adjustable friendly then buy your self a router lift. On a router lift the router base is removed and your router is clamped in to the lift. You usually have some sort of crank to adjust the router height from the top side of the table. If I had to buy a new router lift I would buy the Incra with the magnetic plates. Incra makes incredible stuff.

It depends on your DIY skill and your budget. They sell Bosch router tables at Lowes relatively cheap and there are other internet sources like Amazon.
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