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Hi all!

First time poster here. I was just given my dad's old router and thought the router table my buddy had would work with it, but it does not. Looking for help figuring out what router tables will be compatible with my router. I have a Model 315174921 CRAFTSMAN ROUTER ( Looking to buy a lower-end router table for this to start making some picture frames with. Any help on how I know whether my router will fit the table? Most pictures I find online of the tables don't show the mounting interface itself.

Some potential options are linked below:

Welcome to the forum you will find many good suggestions here. I make my own tables and use a drop in plate. I make my own drop in plates out of Phenolic or Aluminum. In a pinch I have used 1/4 " Lexon You can use the original plate as a pattern. The sky and your budget is the limit on what you want to make or buy for a router table.
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