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Resaw problems, encountered & solved.

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More continuation of making more Kapla blocks. After messing up the small batch of strips from the "scrapped/split" ladder treads, I turned my attention to cutting and planing a very nice, clear-grained piece of 2x4 that was hiding in the back of some of my wood supply. The grain was close to quarter sawn, but I wanted it more so, so I cut out strips at about 20º to get the growth rings nearly perpendicular (photo one)

I then sawed them square and planed them to final width for the blocks (photo two)(I think these in the photo are sawn but not yet planed). I can get three strips out of each squared piece, by resawing on the bandsaw. I had to be careful and get the resaw thickness just right because I planed too much off of the blanks.

I had resawn the shorter strips using the general purpose 3/6" wide blade on my bandsaw. But I needed a thinner kerf for these strips, so I turned to my until-now-unused Resaw King 3/4" wide, carbide toothed resaw blade. I had to wrestle the bandsaw out from its close-to-the-wall spot and did so by grabbing the table. I am pretty sure this wrenched it out of square with the blade, so when I mounted the Resaw King blade, I started having trouble with the blade wandering (photo three). I was really bummed at first. I had to go back to my reference materials to be reminded about the table needing to be square. I had been using the front edge of the no-longer-square table as a reference for setting the fence.

After re-squaring the table, I no longer had any blade drift problems due to faulty alignment and the resawing proceeded without much trouble (photos four and five). I also installed a longer fence, as the first one was only about 12".
I ran the planed edge against the fence for the first cut. Then turned the strip over and ran the opposite planed edge against the fence. This left the center strip thicker, but they still need to be planed on two surfaces, whereas the two outer strips are already planed on one surface. I did have a problem on one where I didn't hold the strip against the fence right and it drifted, making one spot on an outer strip too thin. That and the end of one strip where I had the blade drift problems due to mis-alignment are the only two "bad" spots. If not for those, I could have gotten another 120 blocks from that 2x4, with no waste.



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I was doing some resawing this week and as usual I had to set the fence about 5 deg. out of square to the table with the blade centred properly on the wheel. I never thought the table could be out of square so I'll take a look at that today.
I clamped a small, square piece of metal stock to the blade, between the teeth and used that as a reference for squaring the table. I "twanged" the metal a few times to find the center-point of how the blade settled after being twanged. This worked reasonably, I think partially because the blade is wide enough to form a reasonable reference surface.

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