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Returning to Woodworking & need help

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Hi everyone, after about 10 years away from woodworking and elminating most all my equipment following a move. I started training & playing with my dogs in Agility, Flybal, Obedience, Disc Dogging, trick Training , working with Dog Rescues and loving a wonderful wife that plays lots of Tennis. I've grown tired of the weekend dog event trips and have almost completed a 36'x20' with room over workshop. I still have to finish installing sheetrock, painting & trim before I can begin building benches and cabinets to accompdate my hand tools, etc.
I recently purschased a new Delta Unisaw with a long extension talbe and fence system and would like to install a Ryobi 3HP variable speed plunge rounter int a nice router lift within the extension table. I really enjoyed working with my old router table I a made following a Woodsmith article, but gave it away when I moved. I hope to learn from someone on the Forum whlich of the better router lifts will accept the Ryobi and any suggestion about installing a router system on my Unisaw Extension table. I look forward to contributing and lurking to learn and re-learn the joys of using Routers for my projects. I live in Lexington, SC
Looking forward to the exhange,
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Welcome to the Router Forums Pat. Glad to have you register. Hope we can answer your questions if any arise.
Hi Pat !

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

WOW... when you decide to do something, you do it right! :)

It will be nice to see pictures of your progress.

If you haven't seen them, The Router Workshop TV programs are being shown on ... they are very informative... I have learned a lot from them. There are other programs you will like also...

My shop is a little more than half (if that much) of a double car garage! Just your saw would probably take up 25% of total space! :) :)

Thanks for dropping in... Ask all of the questions you want... no such thing as a 'stupid' question, except for the one not asked. :) :)
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Pat, I started out with the table plans from ShopNotes #1 and if I am correct this is the same table you built. I have been converted to Bob and Ricks "Simple is better" methods. I would urge you to click on the Oak Park link at the top of our home page and view the table. At first it will seem very spartan, but the simple function of every detail will hit home. On board bit storage, the vacuplate means no hose over the table to get in the way, predrilled holes for mounting jigs in a flash. Everything is developed as a system and it all works well together. The box joint jigs work like spreading warm butter on toast. I have never seen a 3 HP Ryobi. I suggest you look at the Bosch 1619 plunge router. It is a true 3-1/4 HP beast and is top rated in the latest comparison testing. In the end you will go with what you are most comfortable with and that is how it should be. Welcome to the forums Pat.
Hi Pat, welcome to the Router Workshop. Sounds like you got a nice new shop in the works. Look forward to having you around here. We would love to see photos of the shop and progress! Nice table saw and the 3 HP Ryobi is a decent router and is used by one of my favorite box makers - Doug Stowe. Please do come back, too many new members we never hear from again it seems.

:) Thanks all for the Welcome. Wow, I've got a lot of catching up on my woodworking and router skills. I am so tired of doing the carpentry work on building my shop, I just can't wait to start building some cabiniets for my tools and setting up the the equipment so it can stay in one place for a while. I would love to send a photo of my chop but did not find the instructions on "How to post a photo.
Pat, go to this link and it will give you some info on uploading photos to the site.

There is a whole section of the site devoted to new members and how to use the site. Hope this helps.

Welcome to the community! :D
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