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review for Hormier router

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So, i know some of you guys ordered the $10 trim router, so what is the verdict? Tool, toy or paperweight?
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Hi Doug,,,, I will let ya know by this weekend,,,, I ordered 3 of them to set up with custom made large base plates for sign making,... But I expect them to work out just fine,,, I believe that they are about the same ones ya get from Harbor Freight,,, and for what I use them for,,,, they work out great,,, I figure I would use them till they broke down and just toss em in the trash can,,, but so far,,, I have not had to make the ol' grenade toss with one yet.
kp91 said:
So, i know some of you guys ordered the $10 trim router, so what is the verdict? Tool, toy or paperweight?
Hello kp91,

I received mine late Tuesday Night, took it out of the box yesterday, ran it and it looks and sounds just like the one from HF only cheaper. It came with a few more goodies than the HF one but I have not had time yet to put a bit in it and run it. I will do that today after I get up. It will get the round over bit test. :)

I do not think it is junk and for what I am going to use it for I believe it will work great. Now that freight and shipping charges has gone through the roof from Homier I will be visiting HF again soon for my next purchase.
I can`t say anything on the Homier trim router.
I recently bought a HF trim router and Monday night used it for the first time to inlet some hinges on a bedroom doorframe(did the door with chisel)for my grandsons room.
I can say the chisels will get much less work from here on out.
I have the King Trimmer. I'm betting it's the same one. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same as Makita, too. We should all take photos of them and see if they are the same. Maybe there are also some type of numbers/codes that are on them. Would be interesting to find out.
By the way, just played with mine a bit, and it seems good.
Recieved the homier router yesterday afternoon in the mail. I have not had a chance to make any chips with it yet,, will do saturday,,, but it appears that the Homier router is molded from the same tool as the HF orange model was,, one thing that is different is the Homier router weighs 2 1/2 lbs and the HF model comes in at about 3 1/4 lbsl, so I have to believe that the HF router has to be a little bit stronger,,,

But for what I want them for,,, signs,,, I am only spinning a 1/4 inch diameter bit and only going about 1/4 inch deep, most of the time. So I think it should do what I am asking it to,,,


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Terry man they are small that grizzly I bought is twice that size. And is 3 pounds heavier then the ones you have in the pics. Also they are 50 some cheaper then I spent. HA HA
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