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Ridgid 2" Brad Nailer

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Recently purchased my first Brad nailer and have to say I never knew what a total convenience these things are. It has easy side loading, a very convenient depth control, a flexible air connection fitting, and a very simple one shot/bump control. Comparing price wise with Porter Cable, it was about 20 bucks more in cost but the warranty difference is 3 years versus 1 year for Porter Cable, and a substantial price saving difference between Paslode and Bostitch and again a better warranty. I can't say I'm gonna throw away my old trusty hammer but I may give it a much deserved vacation.
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good man. your hammer is now for wrecking only.

not so sure about bump shot for brad nailers. reason.... bump shot aint that accurate and brad nailers tend to be used for second fix (finishings) which needs a bit more accuracy than u can get with bump shot

still thats only my experience, others will differ
Your right there, tried it in bump mode and although it allows for fast re-shots, accuracy is another thing. If I got the nail exactly where I wanted it , it was strictly by chance..... I suppose it has its benefits if your quick tacking a project.
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