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All in all, just not into cordless tools for me. Don't have to worry about charging batteries, buying replacement batteries, et al. I work in the shop, have electric available, so it's corded tools for me all the way. I can pick up a power tool that may have never been used for a year or two, plug it in, and use it, and I like that.

However, I may have access to some free usable sizes of plywood, of several varying thicknesses. If so I will have to be cutting down the wood, to allow it to be loaded, by me. So, it boils down to cutting with a cordless saw, or no free wood. If I do have the opportunity, you can bet the ranch I will be buying a cordless saw of one type or another.

Before anyone jumps on my case, I did say "for me" - if you want cordless tools, I don't care, buy all you want.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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