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What size blade is on that circular saw? I don’t know why I’m asking because I don’t currently have a need. I’m just a tool junkie.
Duane, it uses a standard 7 1/2" X 5/8" arbor blade. The blade that came with it is a decent carbide blade it gave a nice clean cut with no effort in that 4/4 maple both cross cut and rip.

The first time I used it right out of the box it quit halfway thru the cross cut on a 4/4 ,1X8, but it had a very small charge on the battery. This time the battery was charged to the top and I used the same battery for all the different tools and cuts and when I got thru it showed no discharge on the battery indicator. See pictures below.
Aw yeah! I love that it’s a standard sized circ saw AND cordless. I was thinking DeWalt would be the way I go when I need some new tools again but I’ll have to keep Ridgid in mind. I have a Ridgid table saw and love it. Love my DeWalt routers too. Guess it’ll come down to who has the best deal in terms of tool quality and features when the time comes.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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