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Ripping material

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Hi all,

This is very new to me so bear with me.

It seems that every time, and I mean every time, I use my table mounted router I chip the edges. I have a 8 amp, 25000 RPM Craftsman and I am using new bits. What am I doing wrong? Any comments would be appreciated.


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Rick, I am guessing the chipped edges you are talking about is what is known as tear out. Tear out occurs while you are cutting across the end grain of the wood. Here are some tips that may help: Make small cuts, in other words try to remove no more then say 1/4" in a pass. Then adjust your depth and make more passes until you reach the desired depth. Make all your end grain cuts first, then make your cuts with the grain. This method will help a great deal in reducing tear out, or at least it should remove the torn out areas leaving a smooth finish. If you are getting chipping in the middle of an edge odds are you are making too deep a cut or not keeping an even speed as you push your wood past the cutter. You might also get chipping in the middle of a piece if your wood is not held against the fence of roller bearing. One last thing, when your router is mounted in a table you feed the wood from the right side towards the left, opposite of when you are free hand routing. One of these tips should help. If not try and give more details to exactly what you are doing when this chipping occurs.
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thanks mike I'll try those tips
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