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Rockler Deal or No Deal Promo-Need Help!!

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Either Tuesday or Wednesday the Rockeler Deal or No Deal Promo had there Dovetail Jig with accesories for what I saw was a decent price.
Anybody out there order this and if so could you share the promo item number. I tried emailing Rockler and they replied that the promo changes each day and you just add what you want to your shopping cart and then you have till May 8th to make a decision on wether to buy it or not. So in essence they told me I was sorta out-of-luck and so far won't release the item number.
So can anybody help in this situation?
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I sure can help. Visit and take a look at their dovetail jig. It is virtually identical to the Rockler jig. Only catch is they dont charge as much for it.
Are you referring to the Incra Multipositioning jig? Incra Lead Screw 17'' Fence System

Once you get your dovetail jig from HF you may want to get this also it will help.

Dovetail Jig Setup Gauge
for 10.oo bucks
Simplify the setup for half blind dovetail joints!

Setup is often the hardest part of making dovetail joints.
This Dovetail Jig Setup Gauge, which works with most dovetail jigs as well as the Porter Cable 4112, has eliminated these problems.
Simply place the gauge on the edge of an adjustable jig, slide the stops against the gauge and you’re ready to cut properly aligned, 1/2", half blind dovetails.
There is also a height measurement setting for your dovetail bit.

Bj :)
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I was shopping for a dovetail jig and had my eye on the Rockler Half-Blind and Through Dovetail jig Combo and was waiting for it to go on sale. I saw the one at HF and it only does half-blind dovetails as far as I know. I wanted to do through dovetails so I passed on the Harbor Freight one. If you don't get it this week, it will probably go on sale again for $99.00 eventually. I knew it would eventually go on sale (as it has now) BUT I already bought a dovetail jig.
Just a NOTE ***
The Through Dovetail Template
Would be a easy one to make with 1/4" plastic stock and a table top jig saw, but the key to it is the bit.
5/16" straight and a template guide bushing .
Or just buy the kit from Rockler and use it on the HF dovetail jig.
30.oo and 50.oo
Most of the jigs are made by Woodstock sold Central Machinery


Through Dovetail Template
1/2" x 8º dovetail, 5/16" straight) and a template guide bushing

Bj :)
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