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Tool: Rockler portable router table
Reviewer Sourdough
Rating 10

I wrote something on this item a week or so back and could not find this Review area to post it.
This is a handly little item. Used it with the little Dewalt router. Easy to understand how it works. Well made and solid. Nice fence and adjustable bit guard, provisions for easy dust collection if you wish. Plate is heavy Lexan and has holes for darned near any small small router. I particularly liked the fact the little Dewalt has TWO led's that shine UP through the clear plate when the router is used this way and you can really see what's going on. I suspect there will be some erosion of the screw fittings and perhaps the fence adjusting knobs because of the composite material they are made of. I found this little device handy and useful, routing edge mouldings and also did a batch of grooves and some rabbets. Slide fence all the way back, unlatch router and slide it out, hang portable top on the wall for next time.
Yes, you could make one of these, but I think retail is $50. I found this a handy item to have at the Winter Palace, where I don't have my router table. I believe others will find it useful too.
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