Roland Camm-1 PNC-950 Desktop Sign Maker 24” Vinyl Cutter & Pen Plotter

This is my personal vinyl cutting sign maker that I bought new in 1995 so you know it is a vintage relic but is still in use today in many sign and hobby shops. It has a swivel drag knife that cuts standard sign grade vinyl material as well as rubber sandblast mask for sandblasting wood signs. (or glass etching) up to 24” wide. It will not accept any material wider than 24 inches. It only accepts “roll” material - not flat like cardboard or plywood. You can put in a roll of 24" paper to draw patterns and templates for tracing onto surfaces for painting, carving, scroll saw, etc. I think the feed rate is 24 inches per second. So it is ZIP ZIP ZIP Speedy Fast !!!

The original software package has expired and is NOT included. There is NO SOFTWARE included with this machine. Many sign shops have configured this plotter to draw and cut from several CorelDraw programs. Sign Cutting Software packages range anywhere from the basic entry level for $300.00 to the more advanced professional packages for over $2,000.00
The last time I used it was in 2007 and has been in the closet of my home ever since. So it has not been exposed to any adverse climatic conditions. It turns on and powers up as it should. There is a shoebox full of cables and adapters included. The “driver” is still available for download on the internet.
The computer connection is via Parallel and Serial ports ONLY - there is NO USB ports on this machine.

I have the paper User’s Manual and it is also available online: Roland Plotter User's Manual

You MUST have some working knowledge of electronics and art programs to operate this machine properly for the use for which it is intended. If you don’t, it will lead you down a road fraught with peril, disappointment and frustration that you have never experienced before. It is NOT for a novice that just wants to enter the sign business. It is a CUTTER and/or PLOTTER - it is not an ENGRAVER. It operates by holding a “drag knife” or “plotter pen” in the carriage.

This is a “AS IS - WHERE IS” No warranty or guarantee offer. NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS. Ships to the Lower U.S. 48 ONLY. Shipped at the buyer's expense via UPS or FED-EX ground. This plotter weighs 30 pounds and is 32x12x8" so with the box and packaging, it will be slightly larger.
Please PM me for any additional information or questions you may have.
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