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Roller Stand With Enhancements

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Years ago, I built the roller stand based on plans from Norm Abrams. I use it for both the band saw, table saw and my router table. However, I found that when not used and a roller stand, it would make a small table. As you can see in the picture, I made a top that can be added or removed as needed. I use the table to glue boards and finish projects. It is one table that I do not clutter with "stuff". I was gluing some wood last week and found that my Bessy Clamps would not stay where I wanted them, so I added two boards that would hold the clamps until I tightened them on the wood. The boards slide into small holders on the side and are removable when table used for other task that do not use the clamps. Also, I can either use one or both of the boards as needed.

PS. In the first picture, you can see the crank I made to raise and lower the table. However, I do not use it. I have an air ratchet with socket that makes raising and lowering the table easy.



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What a great idea...nice job on the planning and execution...!
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I’ve never seen that done before, nice work Frank
Great idea. Being able to adjust table/roller height to match the tool would be great.
Really good idea for double duty !
Great Idea to make it multi-use, that would help save space in a small shop.
Good one.
I like that, thanks for posting the pictures.
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