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This is my first posting and I am a little apprehensive as to what to do.I have been doing wood work for a few yaers now but I have never used a router this extensively before. When i first saw the router workshop I was amased as to what coulkd be done with them. I am learning more and more on each show. I would like to build my own router work table but I can not fiond where to get the square plate on the bottom of trhe roujter like the ones showen on the program on YV. I am retired machinest and am living on a small pension so I am liomited as to hjow much I can buy at a time. I would like to be able to do some of the things that I have seen on TV so that I just might be able to sell them at open markets here in Alberta. I might be setting a high standard for mhy self but I will never know unless I try. I will probably need some help but ai am going to give it a try. If anyone can tell me where to get the plate please respond to this message.
my address is [email protected] .

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Hi mr chips,

The mounting plate they use as well as the table and a lot of the jigs are at:
and a lesser amount of items at

Also go to:
and sign-up for the newsletters/tips so they let you know when the sales are.

It might also be a good idea to edit your post and remove your email address... they have programs that go through sites like this and extract addresses and then sell them to all sorts of people...... not all nice people. People can contact you with post like this and with private messages and if you added your email address when you signed up then a protected link is also available in your profile.

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Welcome to the forums Ron. Yes the router is an amazing tool. I look forward to talking routers with you here at the router forums.
Welcome to the forums Ron.

the "Doctor"
Mr. Chips, I too joined this forum with lots of woodworking but very little router experience. I ordered my router plate from[35$ delieverd] and built my router table around it. My first table was very basic. Just a top with a cutout and rabbit for the plate, a straight piece of hardwood that could be clamped on for a fence, and a railing underneath so it could be clamped on top of a B&D workmate. Since then the table and especially the fence have undergone several modifications. I'm sure you will soon be creating majic with your router. Just remember to respect its power work safe. Rusty
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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