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81Custom said:
..of all the tools in the shop, my router is the one collecting dust. you see,I've had nothing but bad experiences with it. it has a mind of it's own,it seems to me.. and I screw up practically every board I've ever put it on. I have a shaper, but it's a pain to switch from cutters to bits. some one tell me the secret to that beast, please, as I know it' has many uses. for chamfers, I now use hand planes...and love that, but for Ogees,, hand planes don't cut it. I'm actually intimidated,as wood cost too much to trash...and time too valuable to waste re-making boards. I'm hoping there's guidance out there. Thanks in advance..... Butch
The router is the most versatile tool you have in your workshop. When you think of al the processes that can be achieved with it's use. The majority of users would use it in the router table as Bob and Rick mention that 80% of the work can be done in the table position.
Think of all the processes that can be achieved using the router table. I will mention a few and I am sure there will be others who will add their various experiences.
Routing rebates
Routing Grooves
Adding edge moulding
Inserting Mortices
Inserting Dovetails Sliding
" " Boxmaking
Constructing Panel door frames
Producing the panels to insert in the doors
Inserting biscuit grooves
Routing Trenches (Dadoes)
Let's get Butch interested by adding more to the list to show what is capable with the use of the router. In fact let's post pictures of the projects we have made as evidence of the router's versatility. Post some details as to how you actually made your projects will help guide Butch to work with more confidence. Butch if you look at some of the other postings you will see some evidence of what I am suggesting, look up the postings of Harrysin as an example.
Butch ask your questions and I am sure you will get some help here as there are a number of members who are willing to assist.

I have enclosed pics of some of my projects that I have completed in the past as an example of what we can do with the router. It will be necessary to learn how to use the template guides to produce many of the projects as they may not be able to be achieved in the Router table.
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