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I stumbled upon this forum while researching routers. And look forward to learning a lot!

Although I have accumulated a number of power and hand tools, many of them have never made it out of the box, or have only been used on a smattering home improvement projects.

This Christmas, my wonderful wife bought me a gift certificate for a box making class at a local woodworking shop. It was a 2 night session, and after about 20 minutes into the first session, I was hooked! The box we are making is nothing fancy (box joints), but it has been a good introduction to a number of tools (table saw, jointer, miter saw, router, chisel, plane, sander, etc).

At present, I only have a circular saw, jig saw, and drill. I figured that a router would be a good next purchase due to its versatility. Then, if I stick with the hobby, I can branch out to a table saw, miter saw, etc. Although I was seriously considering the Skil 1825 Combo, this forum has convinced me to go with a Bosch 1617 Combo.

I am pretty sure that my wife had an ulterior motive in getting me that gift certificate. I think she has stumbled upon a hobby that does not require me to be out of the house (golf, fishing, etc), and will provide her with things (furniture, etc.) She also seems to be OK with the $$ for tools, since the projects she has in mind, though not difficult, will cost more to have made than the cost to buy the tools! Win-win!

Anyway, with 4 kids (4 y.o. son and 2 y.o. triplets) I doubt I will want for projects over the next few years, and will soon have a lot of shop 'helpers'!

I have a number of projects on my 'to do' list already, but towards the top are a router table, and some shelves that my wife wants for the kids' room. She wants them to be a copy of some that are already there, but the quote she just got to do them and hang them was $160! Thus, the justification for the router purchase! On the long term list is a high quality workbench. I have found a set of plans that I like, but need to sharpen my skills before I even tink about attempting it!

Anyway, for those that read this whole tome, I thank you and look forward to learning here!

- Joe M.
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Welcome to the forums jcmaro! The Bosch 1617 Combo package is a great choice. So are the Porter-Cable ones. Have fun on making sawdust!
Welcome Joe

Glad you stumbled Joe. Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you have your hands full, with 4 kids that age. :eek: I hope you can find time to do some projects. :D We all know about "to do" lists. :D Good luck. Be safe and enjoy your woodworking.

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums Joe
Welcome to the forums Joe.
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