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Rotary attachment information for a beginner

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Hello everyone, I recently bought a cnc with a rotary attachment and while using Aspire software to design furniture legs I am running in to an issue where the 3d model and the wrapped tool path model do not match and the estimated time is extremely long. Is it a my computer's rendering quality issue and so no such mismatch issue will occur while machining or am I missing something.
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Welcome to the Forum. Lots of interesting information here on CNC. There's a special section for CNC.
There's a special section for CNC.
That's where this is posted, Tom.
Welcome to the forum...
Welcome to the forum.
Rendering time shouldn't affect the actual outcome of a toolpath in VCarve. I've helped students cut furniture legs on the rotary axis, and depending on the design of the leg the time to cut can vary from just 20 minutes for tapered legs to a couple of hours for detailed 3D shapes. Importing 3D models for rotary jobs can be confusing. The software won't cut past the centerline of the cylinder as it doesn't realize the machine is spinning the board under the bit rather than moving the bit over the board. 3D shapes have to be unwrapped and in the flat view won't look like the 3D shape. Only after creating the toolpath and rendering the rotary toolpath can you verify what the final shape will look like.
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