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Hi every one this my first post and i need some help. I looking to buy my first router and table I was looking at the dewalt dw618b3 for the router and the benchdog protop contractor or the bosch ra1171. any input would be great.
thanks Bob.

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Bob, Please click on the blogs section and select Sawdust Dreams. Scroll all the way to the bottom and read your way back to the top. You will find good information to help you in choosing a router, and what features are important in a router table. You are best off if you build your own table as a first project, and you will see the reasons why there.

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Here is a super deal on a Build Your Own Router Table...
... pre drilled for jigs...

As far as a router goes, it's like buying a car...
... you get what you like and can afford...
For general routing, I think ones with 2.25 - 3 HP are good for Table use...
... for portable use, there are trimmers, light duty, and medium - heavy duty...

What kind of routing do you want to do?
Raised panels & molding cutters require POWER; ergo, 3+ HP...
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