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router and table.

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I am a newbie to this stuff.
I was given a Bosch 1619EVS router for my B_day and am wondering what to do with it.
I have a Jet saw I use ocassionally with an extension table to the left. Is it wise to try to build the router into that space or go buy the Bosch RA1180 table?, or some other table for that matter.
I started watching the RW this week and I see the tables they use seem a bit small. Also the table they have on the Oak PArk site also appear to be quite small. I would think you would need all the square area you could get for stability?
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Hi Skipper ... good to meet you ... as to the table situation there are a few factors and variables that are different to each and all of us. How much shop space do you have? How confident are you to build your own? What are your main priorities with the router (edge forming or joinery)? Over here in New Zealand the only router table I could buy out of a shop was the Triton one (a damned good one too), and I have the DW621 and to mount it in there would have been one major engineering exercise so I made my own. The final size of it is 700mm by 600mm and this seems plenty big enough for both edge forming and joinery.

Hope this helps,
Thanks for the reply. My sytem went down and I had to do a rebuild to get back up.
I am seriously considering mounting it into my Jet saw extension. Most of the tables I see are like one piece where the router is fixed into the base and adjustments can be a real hassle. I like the principle the Rosendhal's use where you simply pick up the router out of the hole to replace bits and make adjustments. The ahve a lot of neat fixtures and jigs. I suppose, to get down and dirty, one will have to make a make a slew of them. I might just buy their base plate to fit my router and then cut that out into my table. This way, I can buy their templates and jigs. Nice talking to you. thanks ss
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