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Router, Base, Template Guides and Bushings

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Ok, disclaimer - I don't understand how these work. So I'm looking for some advice on what to do.

I have:

Makita DRT50ZX4 Router/Trimmer
195563 Plunge base

and I have these accessories:

I just don't know how those template guides fit together with the base, and what bushings I will need to get to use them.

I can use the router for various simple tasks, but I am keen to learn and understand how I can improve my skills with this tool.

If anyone can help, or point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum. Yes getting started with routers is confusing, they can do a multitude of things and there are a zillion accessories, not always compatible.

I didn't check that it fits your router, but this Makita 321492-3 Template Guide: DIY & Tools lets you use guide bushings of the Porter Cable standard, like these: POWERTEC 71051 Router Template Guide Set | 10pc Solid Brass Guides w/ Molded Carrying Case: DIY & Tools

That is the set I have for my DeWalt router, I like it. Buying individual bushings is expensive.

Do a Google search for: how to use router guide bushings
An example: Understanding Guide Bushings

Take a look at some of those how-tos, then ask the forum as needed.
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Awesome, yeah that one does fit, I kind of figured out how to do that. So these Porter Cable bushings are the A1 bushings to buy then? Every video I see seems to talk about them.
P.C. is the company that came up with the dimensions etc, other companies started making compatible parts, it's the single most common standard for guide bushings now.

Depending on the situation you'll either want to use the bushings with your fixed base or with the plunge base.
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