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Hey, Michele; welcome!
From what I can see online there's more than one type in the 7612. Is yours a Type 1?
It looks like a 1/4" shank size(?)...
Can you maybe either take a pic of the specification plate on the router, or just take a pic of the router itself?
You can post pics etc that are on your own hardrive, just not stuff from the 'net (until you've made 10's an anti spam thing).
You'll see sizes being tossed around here, mostly they refer to the cutting profile of the bit, but the subject of shank size is also important... that's the straight rod part that fits into the collet (the chuck) of your router.
Here in N. America the two most common shank sizes are 1/4" and 1/2". That's why we use 'shorthand' and call them 1/2" or 1/4" routers.
It's probably fair to say that most 1/2" routers can also use 1/4" shank bits, by switching to an accessory collet, but the reverse isn't true. 1/4" is 1/4"

I saw a reference to the HP rating of yours as being 1/2HP? Is that true?
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