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I've been reading about O rings etc.
I got a Musclechuck type 2 for Dewalt 625 yesterday but am having to return as router bit hardly above router table fully wound up.
I then read the following at,

Router bit shank install depth

"As a matter of fact, it is virtually impossible to bottom out a router bit in a Festool OF1400 or OF2200 router. The OF1400 has a spindle depth of 2.25" and the OF2200 has a spindle depth of 3.5". So it will be very rare that you will find a router bit with a shank long enough to bottom out in these routers.
The bottom line is that there is no reason to ever fully insert a router bit into a any router. Once the bit extends into the collet enough to be fully gripped by the collet, inserting it any deeper will not make it grip any better.
So the only decision a woodworker needs to make regarding how deep to insert the bit, is how much of the shank they need/want exposed above the collet. This relates to the stability of the bit, not about the gripping power of the collet."

The following is what I'd like to know?

" For a 1/2" shank bit, it hardly matters how much shank is exposed. It will be very stable at any depth as long as the collet clamping surfaces are fully engaged. (For Festool collets, this is 1" insertion.) 1/4" shanks are a little less rigid, but then the cutting heads are also smaller.

So the really simple answer is, stop inserting your bits so deep! Base your insertion depth on how big the cutter is and how thick the shank is.

For most router bits, 1" insertion is sufficient. For large panel raisers and profile cutters, leave enough shank exposed to not cause you other problems. "

I don't have a Festool collet I have an Axminster Collet extension, so rather than fathing about with O rings at bottom of collet or on shaft. Will I be OK with just 1 inch of router shank inserted into the collet. This approach seems much simpler than 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 inch gap trying to use O rings.
Obviously I don't want the bit working loose.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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