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fbryan50 said:
I am going to install stair skirting as I lay a new hardwood floor. I want to match up the profile on the skirting with the colonial base (5 1/4") that is currently installed. Anyone have an idea as to the router bit that I need to do this?

Hello fbryan50, Welcome to the RouterForums :)

You might take a look at , , You can search here at Oldham, to see if you can match a profile.

I know many bit suppliers offer multi profile bits that you may have to use.

I hope one of these helps.

I have a MLCS Catalouge that lists alot of bits.

Also you can do a google search for Router bits and it lists alot of sites.

Since you mention it being 5 1/4" I believe this would have been done with a multi profile bit or the use of more than one bit.
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