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Hi Scott,
I aggree with Randy... I think it will take a couple of bits to get you where you want to will probably have to make a couple of different set ups on your router table and run all the boards and then tear it down and make a new set up for another section of the molding till you have matched the old molding as close as you can.
I am redoing a room in my house into a home theater room. I wanted a raised pannel look so I have to make over a 1000 feet of molding to go around each square box on the wall. It took me just 2 different bits to accomplish it. But it was fun to see what you can do with your router and the money you can save by making it your self.
A friend of mine that sells for a lumber yard,, seen the stack of molding I made and said that was easily a couple of thousand dollars of molding sitting there.... The total cost to me was,,,, -0- Dollars.... and that was made out of red oak lumber.
I am sure glad I happend to run across the program, " The Router Workshop" a few years ago and they opened my eyes to the versitility of the router. Gettin bolder with each project.
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