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Router bit for Stingray Edge

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Where can I find a router bit for a stingray edge? Suggestions are much appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum Chris.
Thank you for your kind welcome.
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Define a "StingRay Edge." Are you looking to put an edge on the veneer?


As I understand it, the diagram in my opening post is called a Stingray Edge. Yes, I was hoping to put an edge on the veneer.
Welcome to the forum Chris. Here is a few suggestions. Sting Ray Table Edge Profile? You don't say where you live so assuming you live in the in the U.S. so any place that sells router bits would have round over bits or any other profile that you want to use.
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G'day @ChrisBby , welcome to the forum.

I believe Harold may have provided the answer.

I have not before seen that profile.
Harold, thanks for the kind welcome. Your link was what I thought would work failing finding an existing router bit that would do the trick in one pass. Here is a dwg of the tabletop I'm working on. BTW, I'm in Canada.
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