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I have been neglecting my router bits and it showed. Most time I use them and put it back in the bit storage hole dirty. Today I cleaned my 75 some router bits. Each one got disassembled, cleaned and oiled. I also did a touch up sharpen job a few of them. I used a container with a household cleaner called Orange Cleaner to soak the bits. After soaking for a while I used a bronze brush and a scrubbing pad to remove any pitch or burnt on sap, then blow off with compressed air. Then I sprayed some gun oil on the bit and wiped off excess. Then I would wipe off and oil each bearing with some oil I use for my fishing reels. After fully assembling each bit I give them a final wipe down and store them in the bit holder. The bits that were dull I used a diamond plate 600, 1000 grit to touch them up. A drop of oil on the plate, position the bit exactly flush on the plate, then rub them about three quick strokes on each cutting areas. Do this with each grit plate. This took the morning to clean everything, but I think they will cut better and last longer. Going forward I’m going to clean the ones I used after each use
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