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router bit meeting resistance cutting a slot???

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hi all used my trend t3 router for the very first time yesterday to cut a slot,set up as follows.

trend t3 switch facing forward,guide fence set up on right hand side of router,speed medium, straight cuter 5mm dia,depth set to 3mm,

as i proceeded to cut the slot got about 50mm down the length of slot ,but the router cutter and bit ,just did not want to cut,as if it had hit a clamp etc,had to deplunge router and replunge further down the timber to carry on,

then backcut to finish slot in the place where it was unwilling to cut, bit baffled why it did not want to cut in this particular spot, could see no visible knot in the softwood i was cutting, i assume i am routing in the correct direction in relation to bit rotation, router bit brand new,

thank you
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thanks all figured out what the problem was, neither clamp nor power cord,the trend side fence has two right angled plastic faces affixed to the guide, my stock was not dead square,as i advanced the router forward, the front of rear plastic angle was catching on the end of workpiece, if i moved the router backwards both side fence faces were against the stock,

might change sidefence plastic two piece facings for one piece if i can find suitable angle or strip .

thank yopu
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