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Router Bit Quality

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There are a lot of companies selling router bits. Are there a lot of companies also manufacturing these bits or are two or three factories making them all.

I have been buying bits from Grizzly. The price is right and they work well for me, but I am new to the world of routers. Is a fifty dollar bit really better than a eighteen dollar bit?
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My experience with cheap router bits, proved to me that you get what you pay for.
I bought a leigh dove tail jig, along with a set of bits from woodworkers wharehouse.
The first time I chucked upa 1/2" 14 degree bit and took a cut it snapped in half, just above the cutting edges. I went out and bought a CMT bit and replaced the broken one. No more problem, Whiteside bits are also good. Freud makes good bits.
In my opinion Onsrud makes about the best.
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