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Router Bit Quality

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There are a lot of companies selling router bits. Are there a lot of companies also manufacturing these bits or are two or three factories making them all.

I have been buying bits from Grizzly. The price is right and they work well for me, but I am new to the world of routers. Is a fifty dollar bit really better than a eighteen dollar bit?
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I started out buying lesser quality bits.As I progressed in my skills I also saw a need for a better quality bits.A couple of years ago I started buying MLCS bits.They seemed to do pretty good.I was at my local Woodcraft store a little over a year ago looking at there different bits.I was having a little trouble with tearout working with Purplheart.I was chatting with a non-employee about my problem.He suggested using a Whiteside bit.What a difference.The quality of the cut by far outweighed the cost difference of the bit.I have been replacing my most used bits with the Whiteside bits every chance I get.In my opinion a $28.00 Whiteside bit is by far a better bit than the $18.00 bit.(as usual no association with Whiteside)

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