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Router Bit(s) used for Roll Tops?

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I posted this same question over on woodnet, but haven't found the answer yet?

I used to have a link for the router bits used for doing Rolltop desk type layout.. well I've searched my favorites and cannot locate the link any longer.. and it has been so long ago I'm not sure if these are even the right ones?

does anyone remember which bits are used for this work?

Also my thickness of material I am wanting to use for this project face are 1/4" thick X 3/8" W

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I think what you are looking for Rockler ( might have. it is item no.61896 tambour router bit set.
Thanks All!!

I wasn't sure these were the bits as someone else pointed out over on woodnet also... I was thinking they were sets upon the type I linked in my original post...

Thanks Again
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