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It's a good idea in some circumstances and for certain people. One of the circumstances depends on how many bits you have. I spent quite a bit of time when I was living in northern Alberta watching for cheap deals on ebay and managed to collect quite a few. When you get to a point you need to start organizing them according to the profile they make which means you'll be mixing different shank sizes in a lot of cases. That board won't work well in that case.
seems to be material hungry too...

Use closed cell sponge foam rubber (like Rubber Plumbing Pipe Insulation) in ¾''± wide by 1½ ~ 2'' thick strips STOOD ON EDGE and laid tightly together a drawer...
mastic (like PL-300) in the strips in if you wish..
no holes to drill or crosses to cut... just put the bits in between the strips...
infinite spacing is one fell swoop...
Kill two birds with one stone.
First is a spacing issue. It always seems that the uniform holes are either too close or too far apart, which eats up the space.
Second, is using a "hard" holder (wood, MDF, etc). The holes always seem to be too loose or too tight as use, temperature and humidity grows and shrinks the holes.
You get the best in flexibility with infinite spacing and self adjustable tension on the bit shafts.

I rescued the cut off scraps from a foam rubber seller... (dumpster dove)
can't argue that price...
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