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Router bit temperature

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Hi all,

I have just started working with router and after doing only short flush trimmings I found that router bit, collet/chuck and whole drive end of the router is very hot. Between the runs I had to leave it for at least 15 minutes to cool down.
Ambient temperature of 35°C is not helping in shorting the cool down period.
I was trimming the door (34mm thick, 2meters long) with only one pass to the width of max. 3 mm. I am not sure about the terminology when it comes to flush trimming. In other words, router bit was cutting a cross section of 3mm wide by 34mm deep in length od 2m.
Router bit I am using is CMT (orange tools) carbide tip 1/2'' shank flush trim bit with diameter of 3/4''. My router is 2.1 kW Makita RP2301FC and the speed I used was around 20000rpm. Wood on the door side is mixture of pine and MDF.
When I tahe the bit out of the router 1 minute after routing it is still so hot that I cant hold it in my hand. Is that normal? Is my feed rate too high? It was actually heaps slower than what I have seen on internet video clips.

I know it should heat up, but, how much should I tolerate?
Should I suspect source of heat was faulty bearings as well?
I will probably check that by running the router unloaded today.


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Sounds like a heavy cut. Faster feed rate will actually keep the bit cooler as it has to take fewer cuts and there is more material to carry heat away. Surface finish can be compromised, though.

Heavy cuts will put more stress on the motor, however.
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