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Router bit temperature

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Hi all,

I have just started working with router and after doing only short flush trimmings I found that router bit, collet/chuck and whole drive end of the router is very hot. Between the runs I had to leave it for at least 15 minutes to cool down.
Ambient temperature of 35°C is not helping in shorting the cool down period.
I was trimming the door (34mm thick, 2meters long) with only one pass to the width of max. 3 mm. I am not sure about the terminology when it comes to flush trimming. In other words, router bit was cutting a cross section of 3mm wide by 34mm deep in length od 2m.
Router bit I am using is CMT (orange tools) carbide tip 1/2'' shank flush trim bit with diameter of 3/4''. My router is 2.1 kW Makita RP2301FC and the speed I used was around 20000rpm. Wood on the door side is mixture of pine and MDF.
When I tahe the bit out of the router 1 minute after routing it is still so hot that I cant hold it in my hand. Is that normal? Is my feed rate too high? It was actually heaps slower than what I have seen on internet video clips.

I know it should heat up, but, how much should I tolerate?
Should I suspect source of heat was faulty bearings as well?
I will probably check that by running the router unloaded today.


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Thanks Glen,

By the sound of motor if feels like it is not strugling at all.
I tried with 1mm and don't see any difference in temperature. Am I just worried about something that is normal? I will try to measure the temperature today.


I am sure i am feeding the router bit in the correct direction. I have tried with no load and it is not heating up, which tells me bearings are properly installed and healthy. I have left about 1/4'' of the shank outside the collet. I have read about it and cooling beforehand.

I guess I am really trimming too much at the time.

Thanks guys.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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