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Cheers JoeWalsh, I am afraid you are looking for something impossible; such a wide bit (diam.70mm), will not work on a router at 18-22,000 rpm, whether the shaft be 1/2" or 1/4". The energy it will accumulate from rotation (called rotational inertia I think) and the tension it will create on the shaft as it moves and bites its way sideways, will either burn your motor or break off the bit suddenly and it will fly over to whatever it hits first. with instruments working at these speeds, you are required to play it safe if your integrity is more important than the job. This is the reason why very often you don't see the awkward bit you need - it wouldn't work or wouldn't be safe.
Again I did not quite understand what you are trying to do with cane - cane? what size cane would need a 70mm bit? A diagram would be very helpful, but then it maybe my English - forgive the ignorance.

At least let us see a finished job, even by someone else.

With many thanks, and best wishes
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