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I have a BOSCH RAIL & STILE ROUTER BITS. OGEE 1-5/8". 1/2" SHANK router bit set for sale. It was only used one time to run a sample board through, otherwise it is new. I am asking $35 for the bit set with shipping being $8 form NJ.

I can send you photos of the bit set. Not sure how to post photos with this post. This is the first time I have used the Forum.

Thanks for looking.

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John you use the Go Advanced post method and down to the left below the text box is Manage Attachments. Click on it and then maximize the window that comes up. Click on Browse Files and then you'll have to locate where in your computer the files you want to attach are. Photos are usually in your Picture Files in My Documents. Highlight the one you want and then click Open and it will show up in Browse Files. Do that for a smany pictures as you want to post and on the other side of the screen click on Upload and wait until it says they have uploaded to the forum. It can take a minute sometimes. Then close that window (top right corner). The picture files should show up in the Manage Attachments box under the text box. Make sure your files match the allowable formats shown first.

It's easier the first time you try this to have two windows of the Routerforums open with these instructions in one and the post you're making in the other. Then you can refer back to these instructions as you go.
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