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Another item that was pretty much built entirely with the router. (As requested and designed by the wife). :D

The 'slots' in the end table sides were cut using a very simple jig and the M12V plunge router using a 1/2" straight bit.

A roundover was then added to all slots to soften the edges.

The ends were then shaped with a single template moved from one side to the other.

The wood is Blue Pine from a local lumber yard -- purchased when they had a 'hobby wood' sale @ $0.05/linear foot. (It was originally cut as T&G flooring -- the hobby wood sale is for those pieces they could not use for flooring due to splits, knots, etc).

All together -- about $0.40 worth of wood, a few screws and a couple inches of dowel rod.

Finished with clear water based polyurethane.

In place:

Thanks for looking.
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