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I just bought the Freud Ultimate Router package. It comes with the FT2200VCE and the router table.

My question is about the under-mounting of the router to the table.

1st question. The 1/2 inch collet comes inserted into the collet nut. And the 1/4 inch comes in a separate bag.

I am new to this tool and I just wanted to check before I do something incorrect...but, how do I replace the 1/2 collet? Do I just pop it out the collet nut? Or should I actually have a seperate collet nut?
I tried tugging on the collect (gently) and it didnt pop out the nut.

2nd question: Do I have to always remove the router from the table to replace the bit?

Thank you
Hi - just checked your manual and it looks like that router uses an adapter for 1/4" bits. That means your adapter should fit inside the collet and then the bit is inserted and the whole thing is installed in the router.
As far as changing bits, you should be able to loosen the collet nut with an offset wrench. Sorry, I haven't got that setup, just what information I could get online.
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