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I was always fascinated by the Router Crafter, and happened on an essentially new one at a good price a while back, bought it and put it in storage until I can build a bigger shop (hopefully this year). I have ZERO time using it. Anyway, I'm looking at upgrading my router (I have a PC 693PK with both bases) as both my router table and on-the-go router. I will likely get a dedicated router table router, and buy a DeWalt cordless router as my on-the-go router.

The question here is, are there any limitations to what routers will work with the Router Crafter, or is it just a matter of having a base plate that fits on it? Minimum HP recommended? Must be plunge? Should I keep my PC for the Router Crafter, or will the DeWalt work with a different base?

I used a craftsman router on a router crafter 22 years ago to make the spiral beads on this desk. It worked pretty well. There was a bit of sanding cleanup as the way the spindle mounts, it doesnt run real true. You can adapt virtually any router on it.
Iv'e since gotten rid of the router crafter with the intent of acquring the spiral jig from Vega.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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