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I was always fascinated by the Router Crafter, and happened on an essentially new one at a good price a while back, bought it and put it in storage until I can build a bigger shop (hopefully this year). I have ZERO time using it. Anyway, I'm looking at upgrading my router (I have a PC 693PK with both bases) as both my router table and on-the-go router. I will likely get a dedicated router table router, and buy a DeWalt cordless router as my on-the-go router.

The question here is, are there any limitations to what routers will work with the Router Crafter, or is it just a matter of having a base plate that fits on it? Minimum HP recommended? Must be plunge? Should I keep my PC for the Router Crafter, or will the DeWalt work with a different base?

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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