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I have an almost identical device, sold at the time by Vermont American. Have not used it for ages, since getting a lathe.
There is no real restriction abou which router you choose to mount. The arc-like cutouts on the router mounting plate give you plenty of freedom (remove the router's plastic base plate to be able to use the existing screw holes). The idea is to position the bit above the midline of the "spindle" you are working on. Bear in mind that, since the base plate is hinged on one side, the point of the bit travels through an arc as it cuts deeper, not directly up and down. This has a small but noticeable effect on the cuts - ever so slightly angled.
I do not think there is a minimum hp dictated by the Crafter. I used it for some time with a 11/3hp Hitachi, with no issues, on some fairly dense woods (iroko, imbuia).
We hardly ever see a fixed base router this side of the Atlantic, I have never had or used one, but I do not see why it would not work - the depth of cut is set by adjustments on the Crafter, after the initial setup on the router.
The manual is available on-line, BTW.
The router I was using at the time was single-speed (35 years go), there was some burning when making deeper cuts, related to the slowing down. Variable speed may help, also not being in such a darn hurry.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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