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router fences

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I'm a new member and have been creating some projects with my router. One question that I have is does no one make dovetailed router fences similar to the box joint fences. Dovetail bits are usually 1/2" wide with a 14 degree angle. A fence with these dimensions would be extremely usefull to route pieces of wood that you wish to join together with a dovetail rather than a box joint. One project that it would be useful on would be the coffee mug trees without making a special jig.
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Hi Bob

The 3/8" box joint jig can be used to make a dovetail joints,because the bottom part of the dovetail is 3/8" wide the norm on a 1/2" 14deg. dovetail bit.

see link below

see the last two pictures on the same web page.

Please note this jig is not used for making dovetails on corners.

Bj :)
Bob, the fence is used to guide your wood on the table. What you are describing is refered to as a jig, and a jig may replace a fence or use a fence as a guide. There are many dovetail jigs and the bits come in many sizes as well as in differing angles.
Hello Bob, welcome to the community.
Welcome to the forums Bob. The spacer fences are awesome!

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