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Router for raised panels

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I have the Oak Park system with the Type A base plates and use PC 1 3/4 HP 690LRVS and PC 2HP 8529. I think these routers are underpowered for making raised panels. I'm considering the purchase of a 3+ HP router for making raised panels but want to stay with the Type A base plate (I own one for the raised panel system). I've looked into the Makita 3612C and Freud FT2000E but have heard their throat openings are too small for raised panel bits. Has anyone tried these routers using 3 1/4 or 3 1/2 raised panel bits? Any suggestions on a router for making raised panels using the Oak Park Type A base plate? Thanks for any ideas.
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Hi Jtomwoods

Yes the PC 1 3/4 HP 690LRVS and PC 2HP 8529 are a bit to light for 2 1/2" to 3 1/2' raised panel bits but they will work with Vertical panel bits just fine.
see the link below ▼

I use the Freud FT2000E on the big bits with the speed control built in and you need one if you want to run the big bits safe and it works great.

Just a note about "throat openings " the raised panels don't run inside the throat opening just above it,many remove the tabs (ears) on the base but you don't need to to use raised panels bits.
Unless you want to change the bit from the top of the router table then it makes it a bit easyer but on the Freud FT2000E you don't need to, you have the room for a bent wrench to fit in just right.
The easy way to setup the router in the router table if you are going to run the big bits is to put in a 1/4" to 1/2" space between the router base and the router table base plate,this will give you room to drop the bit down just a bit if you need to.

One more note***because you are using the Oak-Park system you are 1/4" over the base plate from the get go,so to say you may not need a spacer under the base base.

Hope this helps
Bj :)
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Hi: I also have the Oak-Park table and the raised panel system. The big routers like the PC 7518 or the 7539 require a larger hole configuration for mounting. So I had to get a special plate. Oak-Park makes them with the holes required for the raised panel system. But as it's been pointed out you can use a router for it, and not have to lower the raised panel cutter into the router. However, should you release the lock on the router while it's running you could have a large problem. Woodnut65
Thanks for sharing your insights and experience.
wher is a good place to get the right combinations of routers, bits, and throat openings, and by the way what exactly is the throat opening, and i do not have a router table yet, can you use a route table for sign making, and what would be a good router table to get?
I like what I see on the Rockler router tables. Also like the Kreg table. I have an old all metal table and it's Ok but lacks the nice miter slot and flat plates with center hols inserts. Anyway, check out Rockler and Kreg.
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