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Router for table

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Can you tell me which is a better router for use in a table, Hitachi M12V or Makita 3612C? Both are 3.25 HP

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Uhm, the Porter Cable 7518? Seriously, I don't know if anybody here has experience with both the routers you named. I know many members have the M12V and seem very happy with it. I can't recall anyone posting that they had the Makita. Both are quality tools so maybe the best idea is for you to get them in your hands and turn them upside down and see how the adjustments feel to you. Hopefully another member can give you better input. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
wwhi said:
Can you tell me which is a better router for use in a table, Hitachi M12V or Makita 3612C? Both are 3.25 HP

Neither the Hitachi or the Makita can be adjusted from above the table, you are going to be constantly reaching below the table to make height adjustments.

Give serious thought to the Milwaukee 3.5 HP router for your router table.
The fixed base router is a fine complement to any table & you can adjust the height from above the table. I bought this one last year & am still in love.
If you don't need a router that large, the smaller 2 HP Milwaukee can also be adjusted from above the table.
ALSO, give serious thought to the Craftsman Professional (red), router that comes with both a fixed base & plunge base, very easy to change from one base to another, router height can also be adjusted from above the table as well. This router is made for Craftsman by Bosch
The Milwaukee is the big boy most people like these days. I personally bought the M12V and a Woodpeckers plunge life for less money than just the Milwaukee.

When you are mounting the router permanently in a table, a lot of the features don't matter.
Thanks for all your help and suggestions. I selected a Bosch 1619EVS.
I dont know if it is available in USA yet as the American website for Trend only shows the T3 router but the new T11 is based on the DeWalt625 and made by DW for Trend and is specifically made for table or hand held use.
The height can be adjusted from both top and bottom for table use, it has a deeper depth and wider cutter clearance for panel raising bits as well as an optional quick release kit for installing and removing from a table.
With in a few months of its release the T11 can be bought for £85 ($153) less than Trend sell them direct, from our national tool stckists.
A router table just needs a hole drilling in the plate for the height adjuster to fit the router base.
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