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I like it. The talk with Template Tom was interesting. I went back today and the instructions you have on the loghouse was very much to my liking. I am going to use rhe idea for the building of bird houses.. It is so simple that you just make the joints a 1/4 in longer,
Thanks........I am looking forward to you next presentation.
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Trap, next time click on the comments link in the blog and post remarks there.
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
Well you made it to this post so what do you do next? The first step to blogging on routerforums blogs is to set up an account. It is free you just need to click on create a new blog See photo below.

The blog name is the URL of your website on routerforums. The URL […]

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followed instructions as listed to use blog....Got two e-mails........Got a meesage, that in effect tells me I am not allowed.
As to the paste above. There is no photo......I just want to read the blogs.
The blogging section is a new and different animal from the rest of the forums. This is partially because it uses different software and allows different features. You do not need a blogging account to read the blogs or to post a comment. After reading a section if you want to post a comment click where it says no comments or "x" number of comments. This opens a comments window and allows you to see comments made by others.(If any) Type in your remarks and hit the button at the bottom. Your comment will not be visible until approved by the blog author who is sent an email automaticly.
If you tried to sign into the blogging section and got emails you most likely have a blog set up with no postings. The best solution is to private message Mark and he can assist you better than I can with that.
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