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Hi I am new to the site and I was wondering if you can get the same results from a router instead of a jointer. I puchased a 6" table top but havn't opened it yet and I am wondering if I should just return it and try to get by with my router and table.
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Hi Tim

The router can do many jobs but if you have a new jointer keep it :)

It can do so many jobs when you get into wood working and you will wish you had one.
e.g. put on a nice clean edge on a 4ft long board, sq.out some 4" x 4" for legs,sq.up stock b/4 you but on the table saw,etc.

I should note most wood is not true when you get it from lumber yard,HD,Lowes or if you store it for a bit,it's always moving :) out of shape,until you nail it,screw it or glue it down.

Bj :)
Hi Tim and welcome to the router forums.
Tim, I am guessing you have heard of using a router to edge join boards and thought a router could replace your joiner. While it is possible to completely surface a board with a router it is a very long process. The joiner is the right tool for this job. Surfacing is quick and easy, you can easily cut accurate 90 degree edge angles and then use your saw or planer to squiare up the boards. Depending on the joiner you may also be able to make quick and easy rabbit cuts.
Thanks everone for your replies. You have helped me decide on keeping the jointer. I know its not the best you can buy but I think I can by with it. I only payed 160.00 can, reg 270.00,but it will due for now.
I have been considering this as well. I bought a craftsman jointer and found it to be junk.. the fence was aluminum and could not get it square to the talbe. Took it back and bought the 5 1/4 model or something like that.... same deal. Need good cast iron table and fence on a jointer. I got my money back on that one as well and have been jointer less for 15 plus years... I have a small shop and would like a small one that was worth something.. I just don't know if they exsist.

Question to all of you, I have a bench dog router table that has a built in jointer feature where you put in these aluminum shims in the fence. (2 different sizes available) and supposedly you can joint a board on this. I bought some box stock on EBay and I am pretty sure I am going to need to joint these boards to get a square edge to rip on. Do you think it will work? I have a 1/4 spiral bit and a dozen or more 2 flute straights of different sizes?
Just my 2 cents

Yes it will work as long you stay under 1" to 1 1/2" thick stock.


It would better with
Shear Angle Straight Bits

Bj :)
Thanks Bob, I will actually be using 3/8 and 1/2 inch stock, 20 inches long. I don't have the stock yet but will have to give this a shot.

You'er Welcome Corey

You know me ,jigs and bits here's just one more way to put in a box joint in 3/8" or 1/2" in stock, this way will let you make all the parts in two passes on the router table,then use a 1/8" or 5/32" slot cutter to put in the bottom slot or the top slot.

It's just a quick and easy way to make small boxes. :)

Bj :)

Just a great price for the bit /at about 32.oo bucks ▼

or this one ▼ you can see why I posted the 1st. one :)
Box Joint Bit at 70.oo bucks


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Challagan, I have the craftman 6" benchtop jointer. It has a cast iron bed and cast iron fence. It does great for me. It is a heavy little workhorse. I have never had a problem getting or keeping the fence square to the bed (table).
Thanks Digdoo, craftsman has stepped it up a bit in recent years on some of their tools.... that is good. These items were 15 years ago. I would love to have a small jointer like that. I will check it out. The previous models I had both had cheesy fences that just didnt work.

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