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Router: how good is it?

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At Christmas time I bought a "Mastercraft Plunge Router that also came with a router table" at Canadian Tire, model # 54-7036-6. I've been getting a feeling that I might have bought junk. Am I right or wrong? Thanks for the response.

Mike "TB" Smith
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Mike, two years ago I would of told you any brand not one of the "Top 10" was not worth the trouble. Two years ago I probably would of been correct. Most routers are now built in south east asia. We have seen a large percentage of defects on the new Porter Cable 890 series, and this brand has been famous for quality and dependability. Members have reported getting excellent results with routers they paid as little as $36 for. Let me suggest you click on the "Blogs" link and then select "Sawdust dreams". This is my blog and you will find a list of desireable features and why you should have them. I think this will give you the ability to make an informed decision about your purchase.
Mike, thanks for the information. I have read your blog and it gave me something’s to think about. Also, I have a router table, but I am thinking of building one of my own. Hopefully it will be a success as yours was. Thank you!

Mike “TB” Smith
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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