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router info.

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i am interested in router woodworking i cant get any info other than what i get from other woodworkers. i am pleased with the responce i get from the forums. i am retired and i like to work with wood. if anyone would like to correspond with me i would like to hear from you . hope to hear from you soon ernie
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Welcome to the forums Ernie. To help new members get started I have written answers to some of the most common questions in my blog. (which is kinda like a journal) If you click on the blogs link on our home page and select Sawdust dreams you will get a crash course in the important things. I hope you enjoy the forums.
Welcome Ernie. You've come to the right place to learn. We have a nice bunch of guys that love to answer any and all woodworking questions and, naturally, since this is a router forum, especially about routing. So bring on the questions, have fun and be safe.
Hi ernie...

Just start asking your questions... has helped me in watching the Router Workshop programs...
Welcome to the community! :D
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