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Hello fellow routers,
I'm looking into purchasing a new router and a plate/lift with it to build in one of our workbenches. It will mostly stay stationary as we also have some other older routers around for the freehand work. I really dislike plunge routers 😅, and don't see the need for it when it will be used in a table configuration anyhow. Anything around 2hp should do!
I've been looking at several models and would like your advice! I'm mainly worried about fine adjustment and durability, i like to buy tools that will last me over a decade!

Makita RF1101
  • beefy router with high build quility
  • Makita
- the depth adjustment seems to be a bit rough? has anyone got any experience with this?

Bosch 1617
+ fine depth adjustment and "through baseplate acces" for the fine adjustment
- I've heard stories about the build quality being inferior and especially it being susceptible to corrosion. Since The Netherlands have a high humidity this is a bit worrying to me.

I imagine the Makita's depth adjustment could be solved with a nice router lift? My budget is around €600,- so i should be able to find both a router and a lift for that i imagine. I've not really found any other routers that seem to fit my needs but maybe some of you have good suggestions? About the router plate/lift choice: I really think this choice depends on the router i will buy but honestly haven't looked into it to much yet.

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Give some serious consideration to the Triton TRA001.
It has a built in lift you can set from the top
It is 3 1/4 hp, plenty of well behaved power
It has safety interlocks which in a shop with multiple users is wise
It's priced less than a good brand router and a separate lift
It has excellent dust extraction capabilities
Do check it out as an alternative to separate router and lift.
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