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The majority of my table saw cuts have the fence within a foot of the blade. So I would position the plate so the insert was about a foot from the line of the blade. Just my take.

Also, my outfeed table was designed to be a little wider so that if I rip an 8 ft. 2x, when the end passes the blade, a little more than half the piece is supported on the table. That way the end doesn't flip up near the end of the cut, something I consider a potential source of danger.

Rockler made the mounting hardware I used. I made the supporting legs with fold down hinges and adjustable length screws so I could level the table with the saw's table. I also cut 3/4 grooves in the top aligned with the miter slots in the saw so my jigs could slide through, no T tracks though. Another consideration for your table design.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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